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THE CONCLAVE Blog Tour - Interview + Giveaway!

I'm so excited to be apart of The Conclave Blog Tour today! These books look and sound amazing and now that the third one is out, binge reading the series will be infinitely easier!


Find the first two books in the series online!

Title: The Conclave 
Series: The Converters Trilogy #3 
Author: Tenille Berezay 
Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult
Publisher: Self Published
Publication Date: July 21, 2017 

Having escaped the dangers of The Keep, Desiree is determined to free Blake. But when a government-enhanced converter goes rogue, the ensuing battle for power, control, and lives makes Blake’s rescue a secondary mission. As Desiree struggles to overcome past demons and new, stifling expectations, she faces converters more powerful, dangerous, and desperate than ever. To protect those she loves, redeem the convergence, overtake The Keep, and honor the Conclave, Desiree will have to redefine her future.
THE CONCLAVE is the intense, action-packed final book in the Converters trilogy; the conclusion of Desiree’s journey. 

Find The Conclave online!

I'm so happy to welcome the author of this trilogy, Tenille Berezay, to the blog for an interview! 

Hi Tenille!  I’m so excited to have you here on the blog today and to discuss your trilogy, The Converters!  What initially sparked the idea of these novels?

The Converters Trilogy came from my realization that we all have tons and tons of untapped potential. This story is my idea of what we could be and do if we were able to access all of that awesomeness.

Do you find you’re more driven by the story or by the characters when you write?

As the third book in the series, The Conclave was totally character driven. I had an idea of what I wanted my main characters to go through and become. From there, it was just a process of adding in all the events that would push them to the outcome I wanted and making it all flow together. 

Are you more of a “fly by the seat of your pants” writer or do you like to plot when you write?  What do you do when you have writer’s block?

This go round I was definitely a “pantser”. I wrote this during NaNoWriMo, so it was a lot of speed writing for me. And then a lot of editing. As for writer’s block, I find I can always write, it’s just sometimes really, really bad writing. Which brings us back to the editing. I plan for lots of edits.

Do you have a writing routine you go through? Any snacks or a specific place you go to when writing?

With kids, my routine is to not have a routine. ;) But seriously, I usually fit my writing in where I can. I’m also lucky enough to have a husband who lets me escape occasionally to a writing trip where I immerse myself in writing…and gluttony. I’ll admit there are copious amounts of candy and Dr. Pepper consumed.

Do you listen to music when you write?  If so, what was the most inspiring song to you when writing each book in The Converters series?

I love this question! Music is a huge inspiration for me. I have a top ten song list for each book I write, but I will narrow it down to one song for each. Let’s see…for book one, I’ll go with Fix You by Coldplay. For book two, One Thing by Finger Eleven. And for The Conclave, Hurricane by Truslow. There are so many others, but these are my top three!

How has writing the second and third books in this series differed from writing the first?  Is it easier now than it was in the beginning?

Yes! I keep saying each book gets easier to write. I’m not sure if this is because I’ve been writing a series and I’m familiar with the characters, or if I’m not as overwhelmed by the whole process as I was the first time. I guess I’ll just have to write more books to see!

Where’d the inspiration for Desiree, the main character of The Converters come from?  Do you see yourself or anyone you know in her?

Desiree is who I wish I was in high school—confident and powerful throughout her process of self-discovery. She was inspired by my favorite fictional women…I took all the attributes I liked and left out all the things that drove me crazy. I wanted a character that starts out tough and learns that her emotions and sensitivity don’t make her weak, but stronger.     

Blake is so intriguing!  How did you come up with him as a character?  Did you find him easy or difficult to write about?

Blake was harder. Since the book is written from Desiree’s perspective, it was more difficult to show his growth. I had to do multiple rewrites tweaking his conversations and reactions as I took his perspective into consideration. The second and third book were easier, because I felt like he didn’t alter as much in these books. The strength of his ?emotions and his convictions only grew deeper.

What was your favorite part about writing this series?

The ending! J No really, it was! I loved the closure. Loved bringing the story full circle and bringing the characters all the endings they deserved. And there’s something crazy-satisfying about having a story fully told.

Tea or Coffee? Dr. Pepper. Dr. Pepper should always be an option.

Skittles or M&Ms? Skittles

Sweet or Salty? Sweet then salty.

Action or Romance? Action makes the romance 10x better.

Vanilla or Chocolate? Vanilla with a touch of chocolate.

Rain or Shine? Rain for reading, shine for writing.

Don't miss the chance to read this awesome trilogy!  And don't forget to enter the giveaway!

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About Tenille Berezay
After living throughout the western U.S., Tenille now claims rural Northern Nevada as her home. If she's not being consumed by a book--whether her own or another author's--she'd like to be found horseback riding, backpacking with her high-school sweetheart/husband, or photographing their three beautiful children.

Tenille loves to read any genre (as long as there's great dialogue with a touch of snark). She believes in authentic characters, romantic sub-plots, and realistic, happy endings.

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