Monday, September 30, 2013

Review: Perfect

Title:  Perfect
Series:  Mechanical #2
Author:  Pauline C. Harris
Published:  July 29, 2013 by Melange Books
Source:  A copy was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review!  Thank you!
Drew now knows the real mission her creators were trying to accomplish; create a perfect world. In other words, taking people, eventually all of the people on earth, and turning them into mechanically altered, perfect, human beings. That is what Drew previously found out happened to her.
But, although Drew, Jessica and Michael know that they need to somehow stop the creators, Drew also knows that she's made another enemy along the way; one possibly even more dangerous than the creators.

As Drew struggles to detach herself from the people who "created" her and untangle the mess they've made, she discovers that it might not be as easy as she thought, that she is destined to play a larger role in this plan than she ever intended.
My Review:  After finishing the first book, I was extremely excited to get into this one!  I really love the concept of this series as a whole and enjoy reading it a lot.  This book, while not as enjoyable to me as the first one, held my interest and made me excited to find out what would happen next!

We start off right where the last book ended which I was happy about.  I liked knowing that I hadn't missed anything between the two installments in the series.  Everything flowed at a natural pace and nothing felt forced or stiff.  The plot was really awesome.  I liked all of the twists and turns we were taken on and I liked seeing the way Drew handled it all.  There was a lot of things I hadn't seen coming and I loved how everything was so unpredictable!  

I enjoyed seeing Drew come more into herself this book.  In the previous one, she had held her personality back but in this one, she let herself stretch and found who exactly she was as a person.  I appreciated her loyalty and the selfless way she handled herself.  There was definitely a certain innocence to her that I found charming.  
Jessica and Michael were awesome, too.  I liked seeing them interact with each other and Drew.  The growing relationship between the three was genuine and slow growing.  There was no instant friendship or love, thank goodness.  It was refreshing to see a gradual development of their relationship.  

The only thing I had a big problem with was the way they handled the situation they were forced into.  I felt like they accepted it far too easily.  Sure, they made some angry comments but they mainly just allowed themselves to be used.  I was especially disappointed in Drew at these parts because it's always mentioned how androids are smarter and more clever and I just couldn't understand why she couldn't figure out a way to get out of this mess.  

Overall, this book was good.  I wasn't as in love with it as I was with the first book but I definitely enjoyed it.  There was a lot of good that over shadowed the bad but I just couldn't get over some things.  That being said, I would happily recommend this series.  It's a fun read!

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