Friday, January 4, 2013

Feature & Follow (9)

Feature & Follow is a weekly meme hosted over at Parajunkee and Alison Can Read.
This question this week is: 

Q:  What New Years blogging or writing resolutions have you placed on yourself?

I really love making resolutions for reading and blogging.  It only adds to the fun of it!  This year, I've set a goal of reading 100 books!  Like I said in my post about this, I'm not sure if I'm seriously overshooting or undershooting how much I usually read in a year.  Either way, I'm going to try my hardest to read 100 books in 2013!  

I also want to try to be more "out there" in the blogging community.  Visit more blogs, host more giveaways, leave more comments.  This community is so amazing and I've only barely gotten into it.  There's so much more to explore and I'm really excited to do that in the this coming year!  

What are some of your reading/writing/blogging resolutions for 2013?

Leave you FF links in the comments below and I'll be sure to check out your blog!  

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  1. I've been seeing a lot of 100-books-resolutions. I was flirting with the idea myself, but I read 50 in 2012, so I'm going to try to read 75 for 2013. Baby steps!

    Please stop by!


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