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Review: The Burning Star

Title:  The Burning Star
Series:  The Star Series #1
Author:  Jessie Lane
Publisher:  Jessie Lane
Pages:  273
Format:  pdf file

Summary: She'll have to believe the unbelievable to survive.
The doctors have told Kay that she will die before she reaches her eighteenth birthday. Her mother’s determination to save her life leads them to a move outside of Asheville, NC to a new set of cancer specialists in the hopes to help her. But it’s not what Kay and her Mom find in the doctor’s offices in Asheville that lead them on the journey to save her before time runs out. It’s what Kay finds in the woods outside of Asheville, and an inhumanly gorgeous guy named Ryan, instead.
Myths and fairy tales come to life before Kay’s eyes, bringing her closer to the ultimate cure if she can stay alive long enough to get there. And if the cancer doesn’t kill her before she finds the cure, the secrets her mother has hidden from her may be the beginning of the end.
Can she reach her destiny before tragedy strikes?

My Review:  I was immediately drawn into this book by the blurb.  The main character was seriously ill.  It was something I hadn't experienced much in the books I normally read.  I really appriciated the fact that the author broke off from the YA norm.  This MC wasn't perfect.

Still, even with the illness, I thought Kay handled herself with surprising grace.  She just wanted to live life for as long as she could and I really admired her for that.  I could also really relate with how she was feeling in the book when she was around Ryan and Nick.  She wasn't confident and sure of herself.  She was a little shy and nervous about what they would think of her and I thought that was great.  In a story with a lot of craziness and magic, it was nice to have some normalcy with things like the character's love life.

I enjoyed her relationship with the other supporting characters.  The love triangle between her, Ryan, and Nick played out well though I did feel like the story could have done without it.  Still, I was torn between both boys while reading, something that doesn't normally happen with me.  Usually, I love one guy and hate the other but with this book I was completely undecided.  Besides the love interests, Kay had a great relationship with Brendan, too.  He was a great secondary character and I loved every scene that he was in!

I wasn't totally crazy about the writing style.  I felt like it could have used some more editing and development.  I caught a few grammar and spelling mistakes throughout.  However, those small mistakes didn't make the story line confusing.  Everything was still clear.

The plot line was interesting and I was really excited about the twists Jessie Lane put on faeries and the creatures that come along with them.  I thought that the twists really made this story unique.  

With an exciting take on faeries and an interesting plot and good female protagonist, this series is one I will definitely continue.  I'm excited to see where the author takes Kay and the gang next.

Three Feathers

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