Friday, August 10, 2012

Onyx Book Trailer Released!

YAY!!!  You guys, the official trailer for Onyx released today!  *happy dances* *throws confetti* 

Seriously, I've been waiting for this for forever.  Words cannot describe how much I absolutely love this series and any little detail or teaser I can get of these books pretty much just makes my week.  And - guess what - Onyx is going to be released on TUESDAY!  That's *counts on fingers* FOUR DAYS AWAY!  

You can preorder a copy here.  I've already ordered it on my nook and on Amazon.  I need this book like a fish needs water.  

Since it is Friday right now and not Tuesday, I will settle to watching the trailer over and over again.  

Here it is: 

O.O *watches again* O.O 

I don't think it's normal how excited I am for this.  

But I don't care!  

Enjoy the awesomeness!  

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