Monday, June 25, 2012

Review: Kiss of Frost

Title:  Kiss of Frost
Series:  Mythos Academy #2
Author:  Jennifer Estep
Publisher:  Kensington
Pages:  385
Format:  eBook

Summary:  Logan Quinn was trying to kill me. My Spar­tan class­mate relent­lessly pur­sued me, swing­ing his sword at me over and over again, the shining sil­ver blade inch­ing closer to my throat every time. A smile tugged up his lips, and his ice-blue eyes prac­ti­cally glowed with the thrill of battle...
I’m Gwen Frost, a second-year warrior-in-training at Mythos Acad­emy, and I have no idea how I’m going to sur­vive the rest of the semes­ter. One day, I’m get­ting schooled in sword­play by the guy who broke my heart—the drop-dead gor­geous Logan who slays me every time. Then, an invis­i­ble archer in the Library of Antiq­ui­ties decides to use me for tar­get prac­tice. And now, I find out that some­one at the acad­emy is really a Reaper bad guy who wants me dead. I’m afraid if I don’t learn how to live by the sword—with Logan’s help—I just might die by the sword...

My Review:  I enjoyed this book a lot more than the first, Touch of Frost.  I felt like it was better set up and had a a solid base with the intricate plot.  

Jennifer Estep has a real talent with mysteries.  In both books so far I have been surprised by the ending.  Though in this one, I felt we were given more obvious clues, I was still in shock by the end, especially because of how much we discover in the last few chapters.  

The characters in this one were much more enjoyable in my opinion.  I liked this Gwen.  I felt like she could stand up for herself a lot more.  And the new development in her powers was exciting.  I can see a lot of great possibilities in the future with Gwen having that talent under her tool belt.  

I was so excited by what we discovered with Logan, too.  I liked being able to learn more about him.  It gave his character a lot of depth and I thought it was a wonderfully thought out scene.  Though now I'm interesting in learning more about Logan's relationship with his dad and uncle.  

The romance in this book did spike up as well.  It wasn't too over done though and I appreciated that.  Though it's always nice to have some romance, the plot and mystery in these books always catches my interest and keeps me reading.  Still, I wouldn't mind a few more kissing scenes . . . 

I do look forward to reading the next book, Dark Frost.  I'm excited to find out what happens next, especially with all we discovered at the end of the last book.  

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