Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Judging Books By Their Covers #2

We're always told not to judge books by their covers but, really, it's hard to help it.  There's a lot of aspects that make a cover good or not and everyone sees them a little differently.  So, in these posts I'm doing what we all do when we pick up a book - judging their covers.

Colors:  I love this!  It's so colorful (though it does kinda remind me of Christmas with the green and red) but they all blend nicely and fit together really well!
Font:  I'm a fan of swirly font but not on covers so I'm glad this isn't too swirly.  It's just enough to make it look whimsical which works well with the story.
Images:  Love.  The girl looks just how I picture Alyssa looking in this story.  She has just a hint of mischief and madness in her eyes and expression to make it perfect.  
Cover Relevance:  The bugs, the cover model, and chaotic greenery.  All very relevant.  It totally just shouts Wonderland. 
Rating:  Totally on point.

Colors:  Very Red.  I can handle it though, especially because it's lighter and darker in areas.  It really gives off a sense of impending doom, ya know?
Font:  The font is pretty simple and very easy to read and I like that it is spruced up a bit with the swirling design around it.  And I like that the red shows through the black design to spell out the title.
Images:  I'm not a huge fan of just having the girl sitting in a field of flowers with a white dress on.  But I like the silhouette of the castle in the background.
Cover Relevance:  It's relevant.  I mean, it has the castle and the main character on it but I feel it could have done better. 
Rating:  It does its job.

Colors:  I honestly am not a huge fan of the yellow and green.  It looks like a sickly yellow-green to me.
Font:  Simple but not boring.  It fits the feel of the story!
Images:  Cute shirtless boy and a city silhouette.  Hey, I'm not complaining.
Cover Relevance:  Not totally relevant.  It has one of the main characters and the setting.  There's a lot of small details that tell you more about the story.  
Rating:  As a twelve year old, I was afraid to buy this because I thought my parents would think it was a mature romance novel and they would take it away.  I still hide the cover from my dad when I'm rereading it.

Colors:  So pretty!  I luff it.  
Font:  It feels very regal and decorative but it's easy to read.
Images:  Not a fan of the half face trend.  At all.  It is pretty with the colors framing it though and the girl is really lovely!
Cover Relevance:  It's the main character so it's okay.  But I feel like it would have been easy to design something more relevant to put on the cover.
Rating:  Meh.

Colors:  Yes, so pretty.  I love how the colors are pale in the middle and gradually get darker and more prominent toward the edges.
Font:  It's nice and easy to read.
Cover Relevance:  So relevant!  The knife and the eye reflected in it are amazing and are so significant to this story.  
Rating:  If I publish a book, I want my cover to be this beautiful.

What do you think of these covers?  Love 'em?  Hate 'em?  Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. I still want a copy of Splintered and honestly it's all been because of the cover!

    1. The covers in that series are amazing! I can't wait for the third book to release so I have the complete set :)


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