*I am currently NOT accepting review requests*

Thank you for taking time to read my review policy.

*I am happy to accept books for review as long as I have enough time to read them.  Please give me at least month before the time you would like to have the review posted.  Thank you. 

My Reviews

This is a blog focused mainly on Young Adult and New Adult books.  I read most genres in these age groups though I don't generally accept non-fiction.  I choose books to read and review that I believe both my readers and I will enjoy.  If I do not believe this will be the case with your book, I will respectfully decline the request.

In my reviews, I will include:
- Cover Art
- Title
- Author (including links to their website)
- Series
-  When and by whom it was published
- How I received a copy (bought, borrowed, ect.)
- A summary from Goodreads.com
- Book links from Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Goodreads, and the Book Despository
-  My thoughts
-  A rating from 1-5 

1 Teapot: As the Red Queen would say: "Off with its head!"
2 Teapots:  Lost its muchness.
3 Teapots:  A curious read.  Some good, some bad
4 Teapots:  Forget "DRINK ME", how about "READ ME"?
5 Teapots:  Absolutely mad for this book!

*Whether a book is bought, borrowed, or given to me, the reviews I write will be completely my own honest opinion.  I cannot promise that I will love every book I read but I will always be respectful when giving my thoughts.  

Requesting a Review

All requests can be sent to my email (a.t.stann@hotmail.com).  I will not respond to requests through facebook, twitter, or goodreads.  I don't mind getting mass emails as I understand how much time it can take sending emails to every individual blogger.

When requesting a review, please include:
- Your name
- Publisher name
- Title of book(s) you're requesting for review
- A summary of the book or a link to a site with that information (goodreads, B&N, Amazon, ect.)
- When you would like the review posted by
- When the book released/will release
Along with posting my review on this blog, I will also post it to goodreads, Barnes and Noble, and Amazon and it will be mentioned on my twitter and facebook throughout the day.  Once the review goes live, I will send you an email with a link to its post on my blog.

I prefer physical books, so if your book is available in either hardcover or paperback, please offer that format when requesting.  I also accept eBooks in either PDF or ePub.  I do not, at this time, accept audiobooks for review.

Other Post Requests 
I love promoting books and will happily do so even if I am unable to review the book!  I am open and willing to assist you through guest posts, giveaways, interviews (author or character though I would need to have read the book for character interviews), release day launches, or contests.  

If any of these promos interest you, please email me at a.t.stann@hotmail.com and include the information listed in the in the "Requesting a Review" section above as well as which sort of promotion you want to do. 


As a fellow internet user, I am fully aware of the fears when giving out personal information.  I will request your email if a contest/giveaway is ever going on and your mailing information if you are a winner but will in no way share the information.

Any more questions?  Feel free to email me at a.t.stann@hotmail.com and I will respond as soon as possible.

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