Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Top Ten Bookish Resolutions/Goals!

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by The Artsy Reader Girl in which we share out top ten lists relating to the bookish topic assigned that week.

This week's topic is...
Top Ten Bookish Resolutions/Goals!

1. Read 75 Books!  Last year I ended up reading 76 books, 16 more than I planned to read!  It was an awesome accomplishment and I'm hoping I can read at least 75 books this year.  I know it's going to be a little more difficult because it's my last year of college and I'm busy with graduating and getting ready to enter *adult life* (eep).  

2. Read More Adult Books!  I mostly read YA books with the occasional romance thrown in but I really want to start reading more adult books, especially adult fantasy novels!  I read a few in 2017 that were really good and I think reading more will help with my own writing and introduce me to some exciting stories!

3.  Read Classics!  I've been wanting to read more classics for a long time and just . . . haven't.  A few years ago I bought Pride and Prejudice and Withering Heights so I think I'll start with those ones first!  If you have any suggestions for classics to read, leave some in the comments below!

4.  Take Notes While Reading!  I have a bad habit of just reading without taking notes or writing down my reactions to certain events in the books which makes it very difficult to write reviews, especially if I wait a while to write them (which happens often).

5. Write Reviews Promptly!  Another bad habit.  I tend to read a bunch of books quickly and not write the review right away -- rather than write them while the story is fresh in my mind, I'll wait until the day before I planned to do the review to write it.  

6.  Read Lord of Shadows!  Okay, so I started reading this book around when it first came out and I was struggling to remember everything that went down in the first book so I put it down.  But I'd really like to finish it before the third books comes out so I have to get on that!  

7.  Read Tower of Dawn!  Okay, I've been hardcore putting off reading this one.  I've heard fantastic things about it but I just . . . haven't wanted to read it.  I may still be slightly bitter about it taking place of the final book.  Also, I don't really like Chaol.  Oh well.  I have to read it soon since I don't want to go into the last book not having read all the others.

These are all my reading goals and resolutions for 2018!  I don't have 10 of them but I think 7 is more than enough to keep track of.  I hope these goals will make me a better reader and a better blogger!  What are some of your reading resolutions? 


  1. Great goals! I hope to read more classics and more adult books this year too! Pride and Prejudice and Wuthering Heights are my favorite classics; I hope you enjoy them! I plan to read Great Expectations and Mansfield Park. Good luck! Happy reading!

  2. "Tower of Dawn" is on my tbr for this year as well. Also I need to get to Pride and Prejudice as soon as I can before I forget everything I've read. 75 books that sounds so much for me,but I don't like forcing myself on this challenges. Wish you luck with your tbr and reading challenge for this year! :)


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