Thursday, October 19, 2017

Review: Sure Thing

Title: Sure Thing
Series: N/A
Author: Jana Aston 
Genre: Adult, Romance, Contemporary 
Publisher: Rutherford Press 
Publication Date: October 10, 2017
Source: Bought

Have you ever set out to have a one night stand with a sexy stranger?
No? I’m the only one?
Just kidding, I would never.
Not usually.

But then I figured, why not? My entire life I’ve been good and it’s gotten me nowhere.
No job.
No apartment.
No boyfriend.

I’m owed a little fun, aren’t I? A reward for being good.
Sure, a new pair of shoes would be more appropriate, but Mr. Sexy Stranger is more appealing. And when he speaks—in that British accent—it’s a done deal. Every American woman has a hot British guy fantasy. Well, most do. I haven't taken a poll or anything, but I’m pretty sure it’s a fact.

You know that saying about best-laid plans?
Good, because I don’t either, but I assume they go awry.
Like my one night stand…

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Aw, man.  I wanted to like this one so much more than I did.  I don't know, maybe I over hyped it because I was excited to get another Jana Aston book but this one didn't sit as well with me as her previous ones did.  While it wasn't terrible, it just didn't live up to my expectations. 

My main issue was the main characters.  Apart, they were fine.  But together, I couldn't feel the chemistry.  Maybe it was because they got together so quickly (they met as a one night stand).  I tend to like romances that have a bit more build up than that; there's something that's not really as fun and exciting if everything just happens right from the start of the book.  I wanted some more conflict and some flirting and build up before they actually got together and I didn't really feel that.  And the fact that the whole book took place over about a week, it didn't feel like enough time for them to form the sort of relationship they did.  It wasn't quite instalove but it was pretty darn close.  

The overall plot wasn't super engaging either.  Basically it was just filler between when Violet and Jennings (the main characters) hooked up.  I would have liked seeing a bit more to the story, a bit more conflict and dimension.  It was interesting at points but a lot of it felt repetitive (Jennings wondering if Violet was hiding something, Violet worrying about the fact that she was hiding something).  I just wanted more.  

This definitely isn't my least favorite book by Jana Aston but it's not near the top either.  I felt like it was lacking the usual spark between the characters that I'm used to seeing in her novels.  I still plan on reading whatever she comes out with next but I can't deny that this one was disappointing.  

“Look, I’m a sure thing,” I tell him with a small shrug while shifting my eyes away then back. 

Three out of Five Teapots



  1. Its always a shame when an author you love kinda lets you down. This one sounds good but like you I like when the relationships have buildup so thats kind of a bummer. Great review!

    1. I know!! I was so disappointed because it really does sound awesome. But the build up is half the fun -- I really enjoy seeing characters bicker and get to know each other before ever getting together. Oh well.

      Thanks for stopping by, Teresa!


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