Friday, October 13, 2017

Cozy Autumn Reads!

Autumn is my favorite season and I find that it's the best time of year to cuddle up with a soft blanket, a large mug of hot chocolate, and a good, cozy book.  There are certain types of books that just make perfect autumn reads!  So I thought I'd share some of my favorite cozy reads to pick up during this time of year!

An Enchantment of Ravens by Margaret Rogerson
Not only does this book have an AMAZING autumn-esque cover, it also features a faerie who is an autumn prince!  All the amazing autumn images and descriptions, along with the slow and sweet romance is what makes this one a great cozy read!

I can't go through fall without reading at least one Harry Potter book!  There's something so cozy about going back and reading them -- a nostalgic feeling, kind of like coming home!  

The Princess Bride by William Goldman
Adventure, true love, revenge, and so much more.  This book has it all and it will have you swooning, laughing, and cheering.  Just a genuinely fun, feel good book perfect for raining autumn days.

What to Say Next by Julie Buxbaum 
Okay so I know this looks really summery with that cover, but honestly, it's such a heartfelt and sweet romance.  It's all about acceptance and love and coming to terms with grief.  Julie Buxbaum is an amazing writer and she does a great job with this novel.

Compulsion by Martina Boone
The atmosphere in this book is definitely autumnal, as you can probably tell from the cover!  With mystery, ghosts, and a romance, it's this book will make you want to stay snuggled in blankets all day.

What are some of your favorite autumn reads?  Which books make you want to cuddle up with a warm drink on a stormy day?  Give me some suggestions in the comments below!


  1. I love The Princess Bride! And completely agree that Sorcerers Stone is a great fall read!

  2. Oh man! Of all of these, I think An Enchantment of Ravens fits the Fall bill the best. They are all great recs but that one is so great for Fall. 😍😍 Fantastic list, Ashtyn!

    Have a wonderful week. =)

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!"


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