Monday, June 12, 2017

Back from Hiatus + Life Update!

I'm back and boy, does it feel amazing.  This break, while much needed, was definitely hard!  Trust me, I would have much rather been spending time on this blog and on your blogs taking about books than writing essays about them.

These past few weeks have been crazy.  I was swamped with finals but I've finally completed my third year of college!  I honestly can't believe how quickly this experience is going.  I've officially begun to freak out about what I'll be doing once I graduate, where I live, what my life will look like.  It's a nauseating mix of excitement, terror, and anticipation.  

Besides school and finals, I've also been packing up all my stuff to move into my new apartment!  I'm  really looking forward to this new place but I've got to admit, I absolutely hate the process of moving.  Packing and unpacking just . . . ugh.  It's not a good time.  It always reminds me how much stuff I have (and how many books).  Who would have thought books would be difficult to move.  I mean, they already vaguely resemble boxes.  But it turns out that they are very heavy which means lots of little boxes.  

So despite the finals and the moving, I've still been getting quite a bit of reading done.  I'm excited to share my thoughts with you about these books!  There's been a few really great ones!  

Anyways . . . 

What has been going on with you guys?  What books have you been reading?  Anything good?  Let me know about what's been going on!  I'm so excited to be back and I can't wait to get back into blogging!  

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