Friday, December 9, 2016

I'm Back!

YOU GUYS!  I am finally back from my hiatus!  Man, this past month has been crazy busy for me.  I participated in NaNoWriMo, volunteered at a book sale, started working as a social media ambassador for a Children's Literature Conference that's coming up, AND I finished all my finals for fall quarter of my junior year of college!  

While I'm sad I had to be away from the blog for so long, I'm happy I was able to focus entirely on the things that I absolutely had to focus on, like school and my work with the conference.  I tried focusing on NaNoWriMo as much as I could but, unfortunately, didn't make it to 50k.  Still, I'm proud of myself for participating, especially since it sparked a couple new ideas and has made me much more excited to start writing again.  

I have so many wonderful books I need to review and so many that I need to read, too!  When I volunteered at the book sale, I couldn't help myself and ending up getting ten new books.  TEN.  Yeah, I have a lot of reading to do.  

Here's a picture of all the books I got and am excited to start reading!  The original image can be found on my instagram page!  

I'm also so excited to be working with the Western Washington University Children's Literature conference happening in February!  I'm helping them on the social media side of things and it's been such a fun experience.  If you'd like more information about it, you can visit the website for the conference here!  There's going to be some amazing authors coming to speak!

Now that's I'm officially on my winter break, I'm looking forward to diving back into this blog and all the amazing books waiting for my on my shelf!  I'm so happy to be back and be able to start posting and talking with all of you guys again.  My next post will be up Monday! 

How was your November?  Did you participate in NaNo?  How'd you do?  ALSO!  What cook should I read next?  There's so many great sounding ones I got from the book sale, I honestly can't decide.  I'd love some suggestions!  

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