Friday, August 12, 2016

Olympic Book Tag

I'm super excited to do this book tag today!  Created by the awesome Shannon over at It Starts at Midnight, this is a fun way to celebrate the summer games in a bookish way!

Bad Romeo is an incredible book and I loved it from the start!  The characters are just amazing and the chemistry between them is off the charts insane.

Okay, so technically, this isn't a road trip book.  It's more of a "we gotta drive away or we're gonna die" book.  But I loved reading about Jack and Evie's adventures as they traveled throughout it!  Poison Princess is an incredible read.

While I'm really not the biggest fan of love triangles in general, I found myself really enjoying the one in White Hot Kiss.  That was largely due to the fact that both boys represented a different facet of the main character.  Plus, Jennifer L. Armentrout is incredible at creating romantic tension.

I was so excited when I heard about Gravity.  I really wanted to like it but it just . . . didn't really do it for me.

When I found Settling the Score, I was so excited, especially because the Olympics are going on right now!  It was a fun read and I loved being able to catch a glimpse at what it might be like for athletes when the games aren't going.  

A book about an assassin?  Yeah, you can bet there's going to be a lot of fighting and bloodshed.  But even still, I absolutely love the Throne of Glass series.  I'm so excited for the fifth book that's coming out in less than a month! 

loooooove this book so much.  A Court of Mist and Fury is my favorite book of the year so far and it is full of surprises and twists that shocked me while reading the first time!  I highly recommend this book (and the series) to everyone!

Ugly Love is packed full of so much emotion.  Holy cow, I was crying a river while reading this.  Another book with a lot of twists and probably my favorite book by Colleen Hoover.

The Diviners . . . I just could not get through it.  It just felt so unnecessarily long to me.  There were just so many descriptions.  I would be reading and there would just be straight pages with nothing but descriptions and no action or dialogue.  I DNFed this one.  

While I don't remember a lot of details about The City of Ember, I remember really loving it when I was younger.  

So The Raven Boys is the only book I can think of right now that has anything to do with animals???  There's not a ton of animals in it but I mean . . . there's ravens in it.  Plus, it's an amazing book!

While The Weight of Feathers was a really interesting book, it was sometimes hard to follow the magic and the different languages used.  It was also hard for me to connect and sympathize with the main characters. 

I love Since You've Been Gone so much!  It's such feel good novel.  While the friendship is complicated and at times messy, I loved the way to built and was shown between these two girls.  I also really liked the friendship the main character developed with the love interest before they were romantically involved.

Do you guys watch the Olympics?  What's your favorite event?  What even would you like to compete in if you could choose?  Join the discussion in the comments below!


  1. First, I am so glad you decided to do this, I love your answers, so thanks so much for joining in! Second, to answer your question, my favorite event is swimming, by far, and I would give like, ANYTHING to be able to compete in it- talk about dreams come true!

    I totally agree with Throne of Glass and bloodshed! And now you have me extra curious about ACOMAF! I need to read it, but knowing that there are tons of twists!? YES PLEASE! I always think about reading The Diviners, but then it looks SO big and... well, now I am glad I haven't hahah. Great picks!!

  2. This is such an interesting tag! love it! 💓


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