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Review: Fall With Me

Title:  Fall With Me
Series:  Wait For You #4
Author:  Jennifer L. Armentrout (Website | Twitter)
Age Group:  New Adult
Publisher:  Avon Books
Publication Date:  March 31, 2015
Source:  Bought
Eleven months ago, bartender and weird-shirt-wearing extraordinaire Roxy and Officer Reece Anders had a one night stand. Well, kind of. She’s been in love with him since she was fifteen, and he wishes that night they shared never happened. She’s sworn him off forever, but the past and future collide, forcing her to rely on the one man who broke her heart not once, but twice.
Her best friend since birth has been in a long-term care facility since he became a victim of a hate crime years ago, and the person who put him in there is out of prison and wanting to make amends with him and Roxy. She’s not sure she has room for forgiveness in her and when she begins to receive frightening messages and is on the receiving end of escalating violence, she thinks she knows who is to blame. The man who already destroyed one life already.
But Reece isn’t convinced. The threats are too personal, and even if Roxy doesn’t believe him, he’s not willing to let anyone hurt her. Including himself. He’s already messed up more than once when it comes to Roxy and he’s not going to let history repeat itself.

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I feel like every review I write about a book written by Jennifer L. Armentrout is basically me gushing and swooning over the guy characters and cheering on the girl ones.  I mean, come on, I pick up one of her books and basically put on my fangirl cap for at least a week.  My friends now fear my fangirl cap because they know it means I will be blabbering nonstop about a book.  Well, that's basically how this book left me!  Fall With Me delivered in all the ways I wanted it to.  It was funny, spooky, and sizzling with attraction between Roxy and Reece!

As always, the characters were what made this novel so amazing.  JLA has a knack for whipping up characters that steal my heart.  Roxy was just so amazing.  After having met her in a couple of the previous books, I was thrilled that we would finally be getting her story and so happy that it delivered so completely!  She was quirky, strong, stood up for herself, and hilarious.  She was definitely someone I could see myself wanting to hang out with.  And Reece was the same!  He was so loyal and protective.  I really loved watching how he and Roxy got along.  It was also nice seeing the couples from the previous books show up in this one.  It's always so much fun to see what they're getting up to nowadays.  

All the mystery aspects of the story were on point.  Really guys, it was so creepy and shudder-inducing.  Reading it, I was actually getting scared.  Up until the point that it was revealed what was going on, I was completely in the dark.  I had no idea who was doing these things and it really kept me glued to the pages trying to figure it out.  The end scene...jeez, it's a thing of nightmares.  So creepy.  But really well written.  I loved reading it and seeing how everything unfolded.  

Fall With Me is another one of JLA's books that has become a favorite of mine.  The characters were just as amazing as ever and the added mystery throughout the novel made it impossible to put down.  Add in her signature wit and romance, and this book had it all!

“I’m scared, too. And there are times I question what I deserve, but we’re in this together. So fall with me,” 

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  1. I definitely need to pick up more Armentrout!

  2. They really are pretty great! She hasn't disappointed in the slightest! :)


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