Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Judging Books By Their Covers #3

We're always told not to judge books by their covers but, really, it's hard to help it.  There's a lot of aspects that make a cover good or not and everyone sees them a little differently.  So, in these posts I'm doing what we all do when we pick up a book - judging their covers.

Colors:  I really like the way the blue steadily gets darker on the cover until it's eventually just completely black.  I think that really symbolic of the book as the whole.
Font:  Not my favorite but I don't think they really could have gotten away with anything else considering it takes up the majority of the cover.  Better to keep it simple.
Images:  Well, the main image is really the title and the bubbles.  They are very significant to the story and I feel that cover images does a lot for the book as a whole. 
Cover Relevance:  It's a subtle and you don't fully grasp the relevance until the end, but it's definitely there.
Rating:  Not my favorite but a perfect fit for the story.

Colors:  I love them.  The gray background really makes the red stand out and I love the splotches of black.
Font:  So lovely and fits the feel of the story quite nicely.
Images:  I love the infinity sign, especially how it is smeared and dripping.  It makes it 10x better!
Cover Relevance:  This is so relevant to the story.  I don't think it could get any more relevant, really.  
Rating:  Holy cow, this is one gorgeous cover.  Yes, please.

Colors:  I'm not a huge fan of how the letters fade from purple to blue.  I would like it better if it was all one color.
Font:  I like the font of every letter except the R.
Images:  Meh.  It's just a girl and a guy lying there.  Not a huge fan, honestly.  But it's not as terrible as it could be with just two people on the cover. 
Cover Relevance:  Not really relevant.  I mean, sure, the main characters are on it but it doesn't tell me much else about the book.  They could be vampires for all I know.  It gives off a very vampiric feel to me. 
Rating:  Would have passed it over it I hadn't already read and enjoyed the first book in the series.

Colors:  So pretty!!  I adore how colorful it is.  The orange, pink, purple, and blues go really well together.  
Font:  I luff it.  It's so pretty and it makes me wish I could write like that.  
Images:  I'm not a huge fan of having people on covers but I like it much better on here since they're silhouettes.  Plus we have the water and part of a surfboard which is nice.  
Cover Relevance:  It's fairly relevant.  A lot of the story is centered around surfing and stuff.  
Rating:  It's pretty but kind of generic.  Still nice to look at on my bookshelf!

What do you think of these covers?  Any favorites?  


  1. I really like the Mortal Danger cover. I love the font and that blood dripping thing. Totally cool!

    1. Right?? I think it is beautifully done! Unfortunately, I didn't like the actual story as much but still - really gorgeous cover!

  2. Covers are so hard. I only have one pet peeve, and that is covers that have a boy and a girl facing each other ready to kiss or kissing. I've seen too many covers like that. If the cover is going to incorporate a boy and a girl kissing or near kissing, then it needs to have a lot more to it! Head shots only? No. I will say, though one of my most favorite books EVER has a boy and a girl facing each other, so ultimately, I don't judge a book by its cover.

  3. I love when covers can really mesh up with the actual storyline, it gives it so much more meaning. Definitely agree with all your cover opinions. My favorite has to be Mortal Danger so I'm really happy to know that it relates to the actual story!


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