Thursday, February 20, 2014

Movie Review: Mean Girls

Title:  Mean Girls
Rating:  PG-13
Director:  Mark Waters
Main Cast:  Lindsay Lohan, Jonathan Bennett, Rachel McAdams, Tina Fey
Seen:  At home
Raised in African bush country by her zoologist parents, Cady Heron thinks she knows about survival of the fittest. But the law of the jungle takes on a whole new meaning when the home-schooled 16-year-old enters public high school for the first time and encounters psychological warfare and unwritten social rules that teenage girls face today.
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My Review:  Yes, this was my first time seeing this movie.  And yes, I am extremely ashamed about that fact.  I really have no idea what took me so long to watch it!  Wait, actually I do.  I started watching it when I was like, ten and my mom heard the first slip of a bad word and banned me from watching it.  But I finally was able to see it!  And I really enjoyed this movie, even if I was outrageously angry at our main character, Cady, for the majority of it.  

The way this film was edited and put together was so awesome.  I loved that there was side commentary and scenes that weren't happening but were shown.  That element added a unique twist and made this movie more enjoyable to watch.  It also added a lot of humor!  I found myself laughing so much during this movie!  And also fuming.  

Cady was such a frustrating character for me.  I could see her slowly slipping down the mean girl slide and I just wanted someone to shake some sense into her!  Though I know this was definitely intentional and basically the whole point of the story, I was still super angry with it.  But I guess that is what's supposed to happen; we're supposed to feel the feels, even if they're bad feels.  

The lesson that this movie taught was perfect and I loved the way it was executed.  All of the hard stuff we had to go through to get to the end was totally worth it.  I was 100% satisfied when the screen went to black and I'm glad to finally have this movie under my belt.  Mean Girls was a fun, hilarious, and heart warming movie with an awesome lesson that was wonderfully executed.  

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  1. I love this movie :) it's one of my favorites.
    It has the craziest scenes and you laugh about things you shouldn't be laughing (like the bus scene at the end).
    I'm glad you liked it.


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