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Book Tour: The Agent's Daughter

Today, I have the honor of sharing this awesome book!  The Agent's Daughter is a thrilling and mysterious read with a lot of action and characters that won a place in my heart!  This is definitely a book that you are going to want to pick up as soon as possible!

Title:  The Agent's Daughter
Series:  N/A
Author:  Ron Corriveau
Published:  March 18, 2013 by Geek Parade Books
Melina has been preparing for a future career as a spy.

She just doesn’t know it.

Legendary spy Evan Roberts always knew that his fifteen-year-old daughter Melina also possessed the absolute lack of fear required of an agent. Without telling her his real profession or his intention, he began to guide her toward an eventual career as a spy. However, Melina’s world is shattered after her mom is involved in an accident that leaves her mysteriously unhurt but unresponsive. Her father’s plans on hold, Melina settles into life at a suburban high school, immersing herself in a world of schoolwork, her friends and a budding romance with Alex, the cute new guy in her class.
When Melina and her father uncover shocking new information about her mother’s accident, Melina is pulled deep into her father’s shadowy world. With Alex desperately trying to find her and only hours to go before it will be too late to save her mother, Melina and her father work together using their combined skills to find a way to reach her.
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Excerpt from The Agent's Daughter

Melina spent a few moments fidgeting in her seat while she monitored the door. Then she remembered she had a few pages left in her book, so she took it out and began to read. After a few minutes, out of the corner of her eye, Melina saw the stool next to her move.
“Is anyone sitting here?”
Melina looked up to see Alex standing next to her, holding the stool.
“No, please. Sit down,” Melina said, motioning toward the chair with an open hand.
Alex sat down and reached into his backpack for his notebook. “Did you get an answer to the extra credit question on last night’s homework?”
Melina sat there without saying a word. Hundreds of thoughts raced through her mind. The thought at the top of the list was that he wanted to sit by her. That meant that he did not think she was nuts. Next, his first topic of conversation was routine talk about homework. That meant that the incident yesterday was not worth talking about. It was behind them.
Alex looked up from his notebook. “Melina? Did you get an answer to the extra credit question?”
Melina finally stopped staring into space, and looked over at Alex. “Oh… yes. If you subtracted out the force due to friction of the tires on the pavement, the answer came out correct.”
“Oh, man,” Alex sighed as he put his head down on the workstation. “I can’t believe that I did not think of that.”
“Don’t worry,” Melina said, putting her hand on Alex’s shoulder. “I don’t always get the extra credit problem. Mr. Clary tries to make that problem extra hard. Most of the time you have to go back to one of the previous chapters for an equation or piece of information to solve the problem.”
“Okay. Everybody take out your textbooks and turn to page fifty-two.”
It was Mr. Clary. He was speaking from behind his desk at the front of the room. Melina had not noticed him come in. She also just noticed that she still had her hand on Alex’s shoulder. She withdrew it quickly, although she did not know why.
“Chapter three. Magnetism,” Mr. Clary said as he wrote the word magnetism on the board. “Today is the first day of a new unit. The unit on magnetism will last two weeks. As in the previous units, each of you will be paired with a classmate for the lab portion of the unit.”
There was a noticeable rumbling in the classroom. In other classes, if there was a two-person project, then the teacher let the students work out with whom they were paired. Mr. Clary insisted on a random assignment of the students that were to work together. He said that it forced the students to be exposed to work habits that they may not have seen before. He was right, but Melina still thought of it as a school version of Mystery Date. Her last lab partner was one of the legendary ‘slacker boys’. They were so called because they spent more time playing with their portable game players than helping with the assignment.
Mr. Clary sat back down at his desk and consulted his list of students. “All right. When I call your name, I want you to move to the workstation where your partner is located. I’ll leave it to you which of the two of you have to move.”
More rumbling. The tension was building.
“Martinez and Bass.”
Maria Martinez gave Derek Bass a look that said she was not going anywhere. Derek moved to her workstation.
“Barrett and Green.”
Jeff Barrett and Mitch Green both jumped up, moved toward each other and high-fived when they met at the middle of the room. This made sense. They were in the computer club together.
“Roberts and Winfield.”
Melina froze. Her partner was Alex. It was what she wanted, of course, but then she began to panic. She remembered that lab partners end up spending a considerable amount of time together. At each other’s houses. Was she ready for that level of exposure?
“Okay, where do you want to sit?” Alex said toward Melina.
Melina almost didn’t get the joke. “Well… I guess we could sit at this table.”

  Meet Ron Corriveau!
Ron Corriveau is an electrical engineer and works designing custom integrated circuits. He started
writing to prove to himself that he actually does have a right side to his brain. Originally from
Southern California, he currently lives outside of Dallas with his lovely wife and two awesome kids.
He has only recently come to terms with the fact that he is a geek, although he would like to stress that he doesn't hold any kind of leadership role in the organization.

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