Thursday, October 31, 2013

Reader's Rant: WHAT DID YOU DO?

I can think of nothing scarier than lending a book out to a friend or relative and getting it back damaged DUN DUN DUN.

This happened to me on two - and I repeat two - different occasions.  Once when I gave my copy of City of Bones to my friend and once when I gave my The Lightening Thief book to my little brother.  Both came back much more worn than when I had given them out and my reaction was basically 

Seriously though.  Someone is lending you their property.  It is not yours.  You do not throw it around and leave it where liquids could possibly spill on it.  You treat it like it's worth a million bucks so you can return it the same way you got it.  I know that if someone lends me their books - even if I just get a book from the library - I handle it the best I can.  To the people who don't...

Look, I understand that sometimes things happen and you accidentally spill something or rip a page or something equally as terrible happens.  In that situation, I feel it would be best to apologize to that person and, if possible, buy them a replacement copy.  If you return something that is basically ruined, it will not only be completely upsetting to the owner but it would also make them less likely to lend you things in the future.  

So next time someone lends you a book...treat it with care!  Be responsible and caring to the books (or other things) that people give you the chance to borrow!  

Has this ever happened to you?  What book of yours was damaged?

Also, happy Halloween to all those who celebrate!  Remember to go out in groups if you're trick or treating and make sure you stay safe on the road!



  1. That is the ONLY reason why I don't want lending my books!

  2. This haunts me every time I lend out my books, which admittedly isn't very often. I've currently lent The Ocean At The End Of The Lane to someone, and I really hope it comes back to me safely. It was a hardback, so it should be fine. Should. I really hope it'll be fine.

  3. And that is why I don't lend my books :D

  4. Yep it's happened, once, and after that I NEVER lent out any of my books ever again. Haha! This actually was with my mom, who rarely reads, so I didn't know what she was like when it came to handling books. Idiotically enough, I thought her neatness would translate to being careful with my stuff, but sadly that wasn't the case (I still love her though HAHA). It was that time I just bought The Cuckoo's Calling and lent it to her BEFORE I even got to read it, and then got it back with dog-ears and a broken spine :( Oh well! At least I learned my lesson, albeit the hard way XD It seems a bit selfish, but I'm just not sure I can trust anyone else with my books, unless they're as bookish as I am of course XD

  5. Jeez, I totally agree. My first two Evermore series books are pretty bad. So is my copy of Twilight (although I don't care as much anymore because it's not like it was great). Also, my copy of Gone is a wrinkled mess :(
    I do still lend my friends books. But they all know that IT HAS TO BE RETURNED THE WAY IT WAS GIVEN. I'm not even kidding. I let my boyfriend borrow a few of my books and my friends were warning him not to mess em up. Thank goodness they came back in perfect condition :D


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