Thursday, September 19, 2013

Reader's Rant: Which One Is This?

So you're at your local bookstore and you're looking for a new read.  You haven't really started anything new lately so you pick up something completely random and begin to read the blurb before you realize the book is a part of a series.  Interested in reading it, you try to find what number in the series the book is and what the title of the first one is.  But you can't.  Find.  It.  On.  The.  Cover.

I really just don't understand why this happens.  Why isn't it a rule that every book that is a part of a series needs to have the number it is in the series on the cover?  How hard is it to put a number 1 on the cover?  Or a 3?  or 5?  Whatever.  

Seriously, this would save so much time.  I hate having to go on my phone and wait ten minutes for the browser to load at the book shop so I can google the order of books of a series.  And you can't read the blurbs!  That's too risky.  You might come across a spoiler that ruins everything!  

I mean, I guess you can ask one of the workers but, personally, I don't like doing that.  I like being able to find the books myself.  And besides, half the time they don't know the order either.  I mean, they're only human!  They can't memorize every single book that comes into the stores they work in!

All of this stress and emotional trauma can be easily avoided by putting the number of the book in the series on the cover.  Just one, simple number on the spine even.  Some indication that will tell us which order to buy and read the books in!

Do you ever have to deal with this problem?  Have you ever accidentally bought and read books out of order?


  1. I'm feeling ya! That is a huge pet peeve of mine too I usually put them back on the shelve. I figure it is a manipulative tactic on the part of the publisher/author. I guess they think you'll give up on the series otherwise, if the previous books aren't available. The only exception I have seen to that was a series by Ted Dekker where the books were all related but could be read out of order without messing the storyline.

  2. I agree with you 100%!!!!

    Twice, I've bought book on Amazon without knowing that they are part of a series! Obviously, I don't get the book, I'm lost with the story and later, much later, I find out that the darn book was #2 of such and such series.

    How much ink will they use in putting the # on the cover? We really should rally for this :-)

  3. YES!! I mean, I think I've wanted to read a few books with amazing blurbs, but then I had to take a pass because they claimed to be part of a series, but didn't tell me which one they were. And of course I always start with book 1 when it comes to series D: It pisses me off when its not available sometimes *sigh* so yeahh, I relate!

  4. I totally agree with you. My library just started doing this, but it should already be printed on the book.


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