Thursday, August 22, 2013

Reader's Rant: Stickers on Books

I've noticed this a lot lately, especially with all the YA books turning into movies.  I've been buying books and there are stickers all.  Over.  Them.  And for some reason, I seem incapable of not tearing them off.  And peeling them off is a bad decision.  It just does not end well at all most of the time.

You know what happens when you put strong, sticky stickers on books?  On made-of-paper books?  That sticky sticker is going to either rip and tear a page in the book or it will rip and leave little white remnants on the cover.  It's so annoying to have to peel off all carefully.  And even when you do, the spot on the book where it was placed will be all sticky and gross!  

I feel like there is other ways to get the word out about whatever you're trying to advertise on that little sticker.  You could print it on one of the extra pages in the book.  Or maybe you can rely on getting the word out by social media.  I mean, everyone basically has either a smart phone, tablet, or computer that they are able to access.  You can tell them stuff on those things instead of on the stickers on my books. 

I get it though.  I really do.  They need to spread the word and advertise these things because that earns them more money and more money means more books and products and lovely, wonderful things for the readers like us.  It's a small pet peeve and I'm sure it doesn't bother many other people but there's just something so annoying about it to me.  I just want the normal, beautiful cover without all of the advertisement stickers.  

Does this bother you are all when buying books?  Do you leave the stickers on or peel them off?



  1. I buy most of my books from charity shops, and lots of them come with price stickers on the front cover. Sometimes they peel off like a dream, but other times they're a hideous sticky nightmare. Sometimes soaking them off works better, but it's not always foolproof.

  2. I've been thinking to write a post about this because I just HATE BARCODES ON BOOKS! You see? just thinking about it makes me irrational.

    Everytime I go to a damn library and see the damn barcode on the book I want to call the nearest police department to denounce them.


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