Thursday, July 25, 2013

Reader's Rant: That Book Is Not In Stock

Okay, so you're on the way to the book store to get a shiny, brand new book.  The first book in a new series you're getting ready to start.  You're so excited to finally begin.  You get to the store and go straight to the section it should be located.  You begin browsing the shelves, on the hunt for this book you've wanted for so long and finally can get.  But you can't seem to find it.  There's the second installment and maybe even the third.  But where's the first?

Disappointed you couldn't find it on your own, you go to the customer service counter and wait for a worker to come and help you. They ask what you're looking for and you tell them the title of the first book, peeking anxiously at the screen they are searching the book for on.  Then, they say what every reader dreads when going to the book store.  "I'm sorry, that book isn't in stock."

They precede to ask you if you would like them to order it so you can come pick it up in 3-5 business days.  Because it's not like you could have done that yourself and saved a 15-20 minute drive trekking up to the nearest store.  Upset, you ask if they're sure they don't have it because you saw the other books that are in the series.  And they assure you that they do not have the first book in the store but would be more than willing to order it for you.

I have never understood why this happens in book stores.  Why would you stock every other book in the series besides the first?!  The first book is the most important!  If people don't have access to the first one, they can't buy the others!  I totally get it if they stock the first and the third or the first and the fifth or whatever but stocking only the second and the third or fourth?  Come.  On.  

Book stores (I'm looking at you, Barnes and Noble) need to work on keeping the first books in series in stock.  Since they are basically the biggest book store there is at the moment, they need to be able to satisfy the millions of people that go there to find the books they want. 
 Has this ever happened to you?  What book had you been looking for?


  1. I hate it when this happens, because I rarely buy books new at the moment - so when I go to a bookshop, it's because I REALLY want the book RIGHT NOW. So I'm normally pretty pumped up about it - and oh, the disappointment! =(
    I suppose at least you could take it as a sign that it's a popular book, so you're doing a good thing by choosing to read it...

    1. It's the absolutely worst! And then I always try to find another book to buy even if I didn't necessarily want it - just something to comfort me until I get the book I actually want.
      But that's true! It must be pretty popular!

  2. I've actually not had this happen to me lol But watch, now that I've said that the next time I go looking for a book 1 it won't be there :( Great post!

    Janina @ Synchronized Reading

  3. I've always thought it was strange when I go in a book store and the first one in the series is not there. I suppose you can go to the counter and order it or whatever but if you want it on the spot then you are just out of luck!

    Angela's Anxious Life


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