Thursday, May 16, 2013

Reader's Rant: "You Don't Really Like That Book"

With all of these book to movie adaptions releasing lately, there has been a lot of reading going on which I am in full support of!  I love that more people are beginning to read.  However, some people don't feel the same as I do.  I have been appalled lately at how apparent "bookish" people have been treating these new books worms.  

More than a few times, I've heard people say "You don't really like the book!  You only like it because of the movie!"  

This absolutely, completely baffles me.  Why does it matter if they read the book because they enjoyed the movie?  Why does them liking the movie lessen the love they can feel for the book?  You should be happy that they are reading!  Who cares if you "loved the book first"?  You should be happy that you have a new book friend to share all your favorite books with!  Don't try to dampen someone else's love for something just because they didn't "find it the right way".  I mean, come on!

I know that The Great Gatsby wasn't even on my radar before I heard about the movie.  Now I'm reading and enjoying it a lot!  Just because I saw the movie first doesn't mean I can't still love the book as much as the person who has been reading it for years.  That's like saying my brother can't love my parents as much as me because he was born after I was and I was with them longer.  It doesn't make any sense!  

So to those who do not do this, thank you.  I applaud your awesomeness and give you a virtual high five.  

To those who do . . . 

Come on, let's just share the books we love with everyone!  Let everyone experience these stories for them selves and love them as much as they wish, whether they find them while perusing a book store or after watching a movie adaption!  If you've ever done this before, it's in the past.  Clean slate now!  Let's all just love and enjoy these books together! 

What do you think about this?  Has it ever happened to you?  Have you ever done it to someone?  



  1. I was unaware that people did this! Jerks! If a movie gets people to read, HOORAY! Great post!

  2. Right on! I totally agree. Why are people such haters?

    I have a theory about movies and books that goes like this: if I read a book first and love it, I will usually be aggravated by the movie adaptation. If I watch a movie adaptation first and love it, I will probably FREAKIN love the book.

    There are good aspects and bad aspects to this. On the plus side, I have discovered so many great books once they became famous as movies - even Harry Potter! I never read the book before I saw the movie and how glad am I that I did?!?! SO GLAD! Same goes for Percy Jackson which is now one of my all time favourite series. But on the down side, when I love a book, I often look forward to the film with a kind of dread - what are they going to do to my beloved story?? That is sort of how I feel about the upcoming Vampire Academy.

    It also means that I do things like put off reading books til after the movie comes out. I'm currently holding off on reading Beautiful Creatures til I see the movie and I had to wait ages to read Hunger Games for the same reason.

    I might be a bit strange.

    As usual, love your blog. xx

  3. Words of Wisdom you speak there :) I always think it's GREAT that people start reading - no matter what cost the change of mind! My brogher, for example, is a VERY picky reader. I have to do handstands for him before he really reads through one whole book. Maybe, I should mention he's only ten. Anyway, my point is, I promised he could watch the Harry Potter movies with me if he finished the books. He read the first four within weeks. Same with Percy Jackson. Almost the same with the Diaries of the Wimpy Kid. He actually never remembered we still had to watch the movie, but it doesn't matter. He's SO obsessed with those books that I don't even have to promise movies for him to pick up a novel.
    My point is, it's awesome how movies "make" readers these days. And even if not all of the movies turn out the way we want them to, it's still a great benefit for the reading - and writing - community :)


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