Thursday, April 18, 2013

Reader's Rant: Buying Books

Since becoming an avid reader who frequently visits bookstores to feed my addiction, I have run into somethings that seriously irk me.  One of the things that bug and frustrate me to no end is when I make my way to a bookstore to get a book I've been waiting for forever to have and . . . they don't have it yet.  

You're a bookstore.  You sell books.  And you don't have a book that everyone has been waiting for on the day it releases?  Seriously, dude?  Seriously?  It's so frustrating because it's happened to me more than once!  You wait all day to be done with school/work/chores/errands so you can finally rush over to the bookstore (which is often pretty far away) and pick up this book.  You walk in and run straight for the section you know it'll be in and you start scanning the shelves.  It's not on the first one you look at, or the second, or any ones after that.  So you start looking again and it's still not there.
And by that point, you're forced to walk up to customer service to ask if they know where the book is.  And then they say the sentence that kills us all: Sorry, that book isn't in yet.  Would you like me to order it for you?

You're asking me if I want to order a book at your store.  I drove the thirty minutes from my house to your store so I could search every aisle looking for the book I want, not find it, and then order it from you.  And then (this is the best part) drive back there 5-7 days later to pick it up.  If I wanted to order it, I could've done it in five minutes at my house without wasting the gas and had it delivered there.  How does that make any sense?

I get that it's not their fault and that they probably have to do that as a job requirement or something but can't we just avoid this whole problem by having the books at the book store on the day it's supposed to be?  I know that they have to order all the books and wait for them to get there and stuff but let's get ahead of the game and order it a couple weeks before hand so it's there when people begin walking in to buy it!

What do you guys think about this?  Has it happened to you?  Do you order the book you want from there if they ask?  Does it upset you like it upsets me?!
I'm thinking about making Reader's Rant a weekly thing here.  Every Thursday maybe?  Tell me if you like this in the comments below!
P.S. I like having an excuse to put Dean Supernatural gifs in my posts!


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  1. I approve of all the Dean. XD I also like the idea of weekly Reader Rants! Though this one doesn't affect me so much, as I buy all my books online. It's exciting getting things in the post.


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