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Tour Stop: Unmaking Hunter Kennedy!

Welcome to my stop in the Unmaking Hunter Kennedy tour hosted by SupaGurl Tours

Title:  Unmaking Hunter Kennedy
Series:  N/A
Author:  Anne Eliot
Publisher:  Butterfly Books, LLC
Pages:  422
Format:  eBook
Source:  A copy was provided by the author for an honest review.  Thank you!  

After a car accident--an event he considers a prank gone bad--pop star, Hunter Kennedy is forced to hide out with his aunt in small-town Colorado. He’s supposed to rest, heal his scars and attend high school in disguise until the press dies down. But he only wants to get back to work.
Worse, the girl who’s been assigned to make him over into a geek is a major geek herself. Vere Roth is a chattering pixie, a blushing tornado and a complete social disaster. He’s never met a girl who’s never-been-kissed, believes in romance and thinks Hunter’s a 'nice' guy.
Funny thing is...Hunter is nice around Vere because she’s his first real friend. He also can’t seem to stop sharing his secrets or keep her out of his heart. Knowing he’d never deserve a girl as sweet as Vere, he resigns himself to the friend zone, and helps his new bestie with her own makeover.
She tortures him daily for ridiculous guy advice on how to snag her life-long crush. A guy Hunter thinks is totally wrong for Vere, and sadly, one who has taken note of Vere’s transformation.
When Vere asks her best friend for some kissing advice, Hunter can’t resist...
And that’s when things get out of control...
High School Romance, first love, sweet romance.
My Review:  This is the first time I've ever read a book like this so I wasn't quite sure what to expect.  That being said, I really enjoyed it.  There was a lot of exciting, "high school" moments that were just too perfect.  There was also some darker moments that were so well handled and beautifully done.  They really touched my heart and helped me better feel for our characters and the story.  

The plot was so refreshing.  It was fun to dive into something so easy and enjoyable to get into.  While a lot of the plot was centered around the growing feelings between Vere and Hunter, both characters were also dealing with their own problems and I really appreciate the way the author handled this.  Romance is not the only thing that teens have to worry about.  There's social problems, family troubles, fights between friends, ect.  Anne Eliot did an amazing job of letting each situation have its moment to shine and letting the characters work through these and grow because of them.  Romance while the the only aspect of the story, was definitely a large part of it!  Hunter and Vere had a very sweet relationship.  I enjoyed seeing it grow as the story progressed and liked how they were friends before anything else developed. 

Hunter was probably my favorite part of this story.  He was so lost and broken and I just wanted to jump into the book, give him a hug, and shoo everything bothering him.  Even with everything he was dealing with, Hunter was so strong and caring toward the people around him.  I really related to and sympathized with his character.  He was just a guy who wanted a little relaxation and normalcy in his life.  Vere was such a cute character.  I loved her energy and the way she didn't mind being different.  While I didn't connect with her as much as I had with Hunter, I still enjoyed getting to know her.  It was fun to see her slowly grow out of her fears and just accept herself the way she was.  I also really admired the way she stood next to her friends no matter what.  

I so loved this book.  With awesome, three dimensional characters, a fun and exciting plot that allowed for loads of character development, and a sweet romance, Unmaking Hunter Kennedy is definitely a book that will keep you hooked from the very beginning. 

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About the Author:  I write full time, and I'm all about fate, destiny, and how it feels to fall in love. My favorite thing to write is a first kiss. 

I've worked as an online marketer and develper for, FOX TV, and UNM Engineering. I love to teach writing workshops and work with adults, kids and teens who enjoy learning about 'story' and who want to write or learn about story structure and the craft of writing.

I'm blessed with an Italian-Canadian mom and an Irish-American dad. This means my summers are full of huge family reunions, food, yelling and too much travel. When not pining for Tim Horton's to open in Colorado, I ponder Joseph Campbell. His work has inspired me to study story structure and how emotion within a story can move people through time and across cultures. Emotion is the key to everything. I owe JC for keeping me on a journey through world mythologies, folk tales, and the collective unconsciousness while I search for my own bliss in stories.

I'm a member SCBWI, RWA and Pikes Peak Writers. I'm so proud of these hard working writer's groups! 

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