Friday, January 18, 2013

Feature & Follow (11)

Feature & Follow is a weekly meme hosted over at Parajunkee and Alison Can Read.
This question this week is:

Q:  Who is your favorite villain from a book?  

 The first villain that comes to mind when I think of one from a book would be Voldemort but he's not really my favorite.  Delving deeper into the series, I remembered this woman.  Dolores Umbridge.  I can't even get into words how much I hated this woman while reading the books.  She was just so . . . arg!  Let's just say I wasn't sad to see her go.  I guess she's not my favorite villain but she's my favorite villain to hate.  

Favorite television show villain?  Klaus from The Vampire Diaries.  I don't hate him.  I think he is freaking amazing (even though he's extremely bad tempered and murderous).  Also, Caroline should definitely leave Tyler and get with him.  Just sayin'.
Who's your favorite book villain?

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  1. Yes! I didn't even think of Umbridge but what a great choice!! I agree with Klaus too, he is amazing. ;)

  2. Dolores Umbridge takes the cake! She could really get under your skin. Great choice!

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  3. Just hopping on thru...Happy Feature & Follow Friday!
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  4. Umbridge! Hell, yeah! I love to hate her too. Klaus from Vampire Diaries was someone I thought of picking. Although I hate him. He you know what to you know who's mom (I don't want to spoil anything!)
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  5. Happy to have stopped by :). Lovely blog.

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