Friday, October 19, 2012

Fairy Tale Read-a-Thon!

Hey you guys!  Today I'm lucky enough to be the host for an awesome mini challenge that is apart of the Fairy Tale Read-a-Thon hosted by Debz Bookshelf

My Read-a-Thon update:
Total Books Read: 1
Total Pages Read: 611
How I'm feeling:  Right now I'm nearly done reading Cinder by Marissa Meyer!  I actually really like it so far!  It's so different from other fairy tale retellings I've read!  I just finished This Dark Endeavor by Kenneth Oppel last night and absolutely adored it! 

To complete the mini challenge today, all you have to do is this: 

1) Pick your favorite fairy tale
2) Write a 500 word or less retelling of your very own!  It can be just a little snippet, a summary, or whatever you like! 

Simple as that!  You can post it on your blog and link me in the comments of just write it out in the comments!  Whatever works for you!  

Here's a little piece of my own: 

The princess knew that she must get out of the tower.  She had been stolen away as a baby and forced to stay in this wretched place her entire life.  Never did she truly know her mother or father - that horrid witch had kept her away for them!  

Her life could've been so different!  Living in the palace . . . with a mother and father who loved her - maybe friends who she could spend her time with.  Would she ever know what it was like?  Or would she be a prisoner in her faulty home forever?  

No, she thought, narrowing her eyes at the small window that had been a tantalizing taste of freedom all those long years.  She would get out.  Today.  Right now.  Before that woman - that theif! - returned for her.  Never again would she be held to something against her will.  She may be a lost princess, but she was not helpless!  

With a stone cold resolve, the girl reached for the sharp blade that lie on the table next to her and she stood up.  She strapped the blade to her waist, tucking it safely into the ribbon that held her dress together.  She then walked to the window and climbed the edge.  She peered over and saw rolling green hills and endless blue skies.  The air was sweet on her tongue.  

But she also saw a far drop and an unknown world.  For a moment, her heart thudded in her chest and she faultered.  But before she could talk herself out of it, she dragged her impossibly long and strong hair over to where she was standing, tied it to the window handle, and began her descent. 

It took less than five minutes.  Her feet brushed the soft, tickley green grass for the first time and her air felt the rush of the cool breeze.  She closed her eyes and inhaled, her heart soaring in her chest and her stomach mad with nerves.  

She looked up at the long trail of hair that had allowed her to escape - still tied to the window handle so very far up there.  She smiled, grabbed the knife from her waist, and cut through her long mane in one swoop.  

Immediately, her head felt lighter and her shoulders lifted.  She glanced one last time at the long rope of hair she had climbed down to reach freedom.  She smiled.  

Then she turned, and walked away from the tower.  She didn't need a prince to save her and she'd proven it.  She was not a lost princess.  She was a strong princess.   

I'm excited to see what you all come up with!  And don't forget to enter the giveaway being hosted over at A Book Lover's Ramblings

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