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Review: Awaken

Title:  Awaken
Series:  Empyreal #1
Author:  Christal M. Mosley
Publisher:  Wheelman Press
Pages:  234
Format:  eBook

A copy was provided by the author, Christal M. Mosley. 

Summary:  AWAKEN to a NEW WORLD What if your entire life had been nothing more than a few broken images? What if every time you closed your eyes, another memory was lost? ... Then ... What if one day, those memories began to resurface...? Coralie Collier has never questioned the elements in her life ... Until now. Strange dreams and unexplained encounters begin to unravel the world around her. As images begin to rise to the surface, missing pieces to her life begin to fall into place. Could there be more to Coralie's existence than what appears? Will Coralie be able to unlock the secrets to her past? And what lies within the truth? A new life ... A new world ... ... Awaken ...

My Review:  Though the synopsis wasn't all that original, I found myself intrigued when I began this book.

I was immediately drawn to the main character, Coralie.  I love it when I am able to so easily connect with the MCs in books and Coralie was very easy to relate to.  She was really lost throughout a lot of the book but even then she found the strength to fight back and question what was going on.  

I didn't particularly like all the switching POVs though, especially to the people who hadn't really been a huge part of the book, like Court's sister.  I did, however, like when we got to peek into the minds of Cal and Court.  It gave a little insight as to what exactly was going on with Coralie. 

Cal, Coralie's father, was a bit of a mystery to me. At first he was so fun and easy going to Coralie but he progressively became more and more threatening in my opinion, especially to other people. I was getting quite mad at him. I couldn't believe how completely stupid he was being. I was getting really frustrated the longer he kept Coralie in the dark. From the first attack I knew that it would be better for Coralie to know about what was going on.
I also didn't like Court much, but that was mostly because we didn't know much about him.  I didn't really feel like Coralie and Court knew anything about each other before they were suddenly together.  Their relationship just felt a little unnatural to me.  

I really loved finding out the back story to what Coralie exactly is.  It was interesting finding out where she came from and what all the secrets were.  I was actually really surprised when we found out what happened when Coralie was a baby.  I really hadn't seen that coming! 

In all, this story had a relateable main character and an interesting ending.  My only problems had been with some of the other characters and the time it took to get answers as to who and what Coralie was.  

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