Saturday, January 2, 2016

2016 Books that Make Me Wish I Had a Time Machine


Pay no mind to the fact that this is a couple days late

I hope everyone rang in the New Year in a fun and safe way!  I loved spending time with my family and friends and I'm so looking forward to 2016.  2015 was a hard year for me with a lot of changes made.  I started my second year at a great university, I moved into my first apartment, I made some new friends, and I discovered tons of awesome books.  

2016 is going to hold so many exciting and great opportunities, I just know it.  I'm so looking forward to everything, especially all the great books I've been making eyes at since they were announced!  Here's a list of all the books in no particular order I can't wait to get my hands on. 

Unhooked (Feb.2) || Blackhearts (Feb. 9)

The Girl Who Fell (Mar. 1) || After the Woods (Feb. 23)

Firstlife (Feb. 23) || The Rose and the Dagger (May 3)

Stars Above (Feb. 2) || Revenge and the Wild (Feb. 2)

What books are you looking forward to this New Year?  Also, has anyone else noticed the sudden spike in Peter Pan retellings?  Because there are so many coming out this year and I'm SO excited!


  1. I have noticed a lot of Peter Pan retellings, but I am a huge Peter Pan fan. Lol! I am so excited for The Crown's Game and The Girl Who Fell. Awesome picks, Ashtyn! :)

    1. Same, I love Peter Pan so there's no complaints from me I just hope they all are as awesome as they sound. And agreed, those both sound really great! Thank you!

  2. First life looks really interesting. Looking forward these!

    1. It does! I actually got approved to read it through Netgalley so I'm really excited to dig in and see if it's as amazing as it sounds!

  3. I'm super excited for Stars Above and all the fantasy that's coming out this year :D


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