Thursday, September 24, 2015

Tea Party Talk: Losing Interest in a Book You Haven't Read

I'm sure it's no surprise to anyone reading this but, I'm a collector of books.  All types of books.  I'll buy five at the bookstore knowing that I have ten sitting on my bookshelf unread and begging to be picked up.  I've heard of many people people who do that same thing; hey, we can't help it!  Books are just so lovely and look so nice together on shelves or in a pile.  

But I've been running into a problem with that lately. 

The books I've been collecting, the poor ones that have sat on my shelf for far too long...well, I've begun to lose interest in them.  And it's so sad because each one, I remember picking up and getting so excited to have them.  Promising I would read them the second I had the chance just hasn't happened yet.  And now the spark and the excitement I had had about them before it starting to fizzle.  Rather than having excitement about the prospect of reading them, I'm beginning to feel more like they're things that are hanging over my head, weighing me down.  Which is completely ridiculous.  I'm not obligated to read them if I don't want to, they aren't chores to be done.  I really want to want to read them.  I just don't anymore. 

It feels unfair to feel this way about them since they're books that have so patiently waited their turns to be picked up and read but I can't help it and I don't know why its happened.  The new books I get just seem so much more exciting than the ones I've had for a while.  I know I'll have to get to them at some point, at least try to start them.  I only hope that once I do that, the spark that was there for them before will reignite!  

Has anyone else ever dealt with this sort of thing before?  Tips to help get over it?  What is a sure-fire book that will help get rid of this less-than-excited funk?  Let me know in the comments below!


  1. I deal with this all the time. I have a ton of books that I look at and wonder why I still have. I think too much time goes by. I would wait it out. You may just get back in the mood for the book, whatever it is. If not I'd donate it to a local library. No sense in wasting a perfectly good book, ya know?

    1. It's so disappointing dealing with that feeling! I'm hoping the urge to read them will just strike me one day. If not, I'll probably try to pick them up anyways and if that doesn't revive my interests, I'll definitely be donating them!


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