Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Tea Party Talk: Favorite Ships

I think we can agree that we are all shippers.  And I don't mean shippers like, boat wise, I mean shippers of characters in novels.  Well, in anything, really.  Heck, I ship friends with friends, random strangers I see in the street, and just about everything else that can be shipped.  But for our purposes, ships in novels.

Like most people, I have my favorite ships and I am here to spread the word of their awesomeness.  So, here we go!

 Tessa and Will
*Dreamy sigh* Gah, they are just too dang perfect for each other.  I have loved them from the start and adored seeing their story play out, even though it completely ripped my heart out and made me cry big ugly tears.  

Anna and St. Clair
I love them!!  They are so made for each other and I love that they aren't totally perfect.  They both have flaws and we get to see them accept each others flaws throughout the duration of the novel.  This just makes me feel like they have an even closer bond and relationship! 

Juliette and Warner
This is such a cool ship for me because I was originally hard core against Warner.  I absolutely loathed  him.  But as we uncovered his past and learned more about why he is the way he is and were offered some explanation about the things he did in the first book, I totally fell in love with him and them as a couple.  They literally make each other stronger.  

Harry and Ron
A friendship of epic proportions.  These two are impossible to separate and have a bond unlike anything else, as I'm sure many of you know.  I love the dynamic between them and they way they support each other.  While they definitely do have rough times - I mean, what friendship doesn't? - they always come back to each other in the end.

Bonus Round

Rick and Daryl from The Walking Dead
Talk about a bromance.  Love them.  Love the latest episode.  Holy cow, I'm still freaking out. 

What are some of your favorite ships?  Comment below and let me know!


  1. you have lost me... shipping is what?

    1. It's basically like, wanting two characters to be together. Be in some sort of "ship" whether it's a relationship or a friendship!

  2. Those are some great ships! Oh Anna and St. Clair. Oh and Will...I ship him with myself! <3 Tessa can have him sometimes. LOL!

    1. I think we all ship ourselves with Will! I mean, he's just too amazing! I love him so much.


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