Thursday, October 2, 2014

Freshmen Assemble Day 4: Bloggers Taking on College

Freshmen Assemble is a fun blogger project hosted by Skylar over at Life of a Random and focuses on different bloggers from different places sharing their first experiences as freshmen entering college.

Good news, guys, I didn't walk into the wrong classroom. 

That was my biggest fear when walking into my first class on my first ever day of college.  My first class, by the way, was Philosophy 102 (introduction to logic) *loud boos*

*whispers* I know.

It was a pretty good class, especially because I had it with one of my roommates and it was a late morning class (11:00 am) and only 50 minutes!  We mainly just went over the syllabus and were given assignments to have done by the next time we met (which is Wednesday).  My teacher was okay.  He made some funny jokes and seemed pretty personable but I haven't really experienced his teaching style yet so I'm not sure how that is going to be.

I only had one other class my first day which was American Political System.  It was another 50 minute class and it started at 12:00 pm so I was cutting it a little close getting there before class started.  It was already really full so it was harder finding a seat but I eventually did.  The teacher was super nice and really funny but she didn't really teach in a linear fashion.  She jumped around a lot and didn't talk about the syllabus at all.  We just started learning.  It was nice but also sort of unexpected.  We also have a ton of work already assigned (two debates, three response papers, and a judge/jury type situation) but I'm going to try to just keep on top of things and stay focused with it.

So, there you have it!  My first day of class in a nutshell.  If I had any tips, they would be: eat a good breakfast, don't stay up too late the night before, don't be afraid to talk to and sit next to people (friends!), and don't sweat it if you walk into the wrong class.  I witnessed at least five people doing that in my classes and it wasn't a big deal.  They just picked up their stuff and walked back out.

Don't forget to check out what Skylar and Sophia have to say about their first day of class!  Leave comments below and tell me about your first day of college or any fears you might have about it!  I'm here to help :) 

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