Monday, September 29, 2014

Freshmen Assemble: Bloggers Taking on College Day 1

Freshmen Assemble is a fun blogger project hosted by Skylar over at Life of a Random and focuses on different bloggers from different places sharing their first experiences as freshmen entering college.

Preparing for college...

Oh gosh, this topic.  This is a hard one to talk about because it's all so subjective.  It depends on how far away you're going, whether you're staying at home or moving out, what sort of classes you plan to take and how mentally prepared you are to actually become a baby adult (I consider college to be like the pre-school of the real world.  We're almost real adults but not quite.  There's lots of naps but, unfortunately, less play time.).

For me, preparing for college was a lot of shopping and ignoring the fact that I was going to be leaving my family.  Since I was moving from sunny southern California into the way northern part of Washington (heeeeeeeey Canada, how's it going?), I needed to get a whole new wardrobe and warm winter blankets and what not.  I'm still currently waiting for my rain jacket and boots to arrive which is lame because it has been raining here quite a bit lately.  Luckily, I have two awesome roommates and one is letting me borrow one of her rain jackets (thanks, Kelsey!).

College is something I've always seen in my future.  Since I was little and knew what college was, I was looking at possible majors and places to go.  I've had goals and dreams about what I wanted to do (from grades 5-7 I was set on being a vet...until I realized I was squeamish when it came to things like that).  Now that I'm actually here though, I'm looking at more short term-goals that move me toward my long term goal of eventually graduating with a degree in Creative Writing and doing something in that industry.  

Some short terms goals I have for this year are to finish every class with a B or higher, to make a wide variety of friends, and to keep up with my extracurricular activities such as blogging, writing, and reading.  

When preparing to go to college, the biggest tip I can give you is to not put things off like I did.  You don't want to have to add to your stress by having to run out and gather school supplies or dorm decorations or food the day before you start or the day that you do.  Just get things done as soon as you can.  

Another thing for those planning on moving away from their family (or friends), spend as much time as possible with them.  The last few weeks when I was still at home, I had movie nights with my family and did everything I could with them.  You don't realize how much you're going to miss them until they're driving away.  But, in the end, that separation is worth it.  And, lucky us, we have computers and cell phones.

Make sure you check out Skylar and Sophia's posts today and leave and comments, questions, or tips below!  And make sure you come back tomorrow for the next post!

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