Thursday, August 21, 2014

Judging Books By Their Covers

Ten points to whoever can guess what book that is :) 

"Don't judge a book by its cover."

We've all heard that.  Whether someone is telling you to literally not judge a book by its cover or whether they're telling you not to judge a person by their appearance.  This saying is all over the place.  But, no matter how many time the words are repeated, we can't help but judge.  Especially when it comes to books.  

I know I am personally guilty of this.  If a cover doesn't click with me or it feels cheesy or unoriginal, chances are I won't pick up the book (this is the reason it took me so long to pick up Anna and the French Kiss when it had the old covers).  A cover can tell a lot about a book but, if done wrong, it can also completely misguide the readers.  So today, I thought it would be fun to judge some covers to my favorite books!  

Colors:  Of course, this is mostly pink but I feel like it just works well and I really like it!  Especially when you put this one next to all of the other books in the series.  
Font:  Simple and elegant.  It fits the feel of this series and, despite the fact that the words take up the entire cover, it doesn't feel overwhelming. 
Images:  Spot on.  The Eiffel Tower in the background is perfect!  
Cover Relevance:  This book takes place in Paris, France so the art and background on this cover is awesome.  It actually tells you something about the story.  Plus, it has a heart and is colored pink, both of which are generally related with love and romance which is huge part of this book!
Rating:  A perfect fit!

Colors:  I'm not a huge fan of the teal and the red.  They work for the most part but it's kinda eh.
Font:  It's simple and easy to read so I don't have a problem with it!
Images:  As cute as that boy is, I'm not a fan of the close up face thing we have going on with our covers.  Also, I don't like the sillouette in the background.
Cover Relevance:  I mean, the main characters are on the cover...kinda.  And there's a "comet" falling in the background which is relevant but I feel like this one could have been done better.  I prefer the old covers to these new ones.
Rating:  Could use work.

Colors:  Dark and mysterious and YES.  These colors work so well for this cover.  I love.
Font:  The title almost feels like an afterthought to the cover but it works well with the cover.  I love the font and I like how it spans across the whole cover.
Images:  Looooooooooooooooooooove.  It's so elegant and the details are wonderful.  I'm not normally a fan of having people on covers but this takes that trend and does it right.
Cover Relevance:  Very relevant, when you look at it more abstractly.  Mara is barely staying afloat after what happened to her and her friends and Noah (the love of my life) is keeping her from drowning.

Colors:  I like the colors a lot!  They are simple and clean and wonderful.
Font:  I'm not a huge fan of the font but the way they incorporated the words into the cover is awesome.
Images:  Yes, perfect.  I love the whimsical feel of the sun and the dark silhouette of the people and the bench.  
Cover Relevance:  Despite how much I like the colors and images, it's not super relevant to the story.  In fact, it's a bit misleading.  This isn't the bright, cheery story the cover suggests.
Rating:  Pretty but doesn't match the story.

Colors:  These colors are lovely and I they work and blend well together.
Fonts:  Perfect, yes.  I especially love how the end of each word is sort of blurring away.
Images:  I don't think they could have found a more perfect image.  Teens at the beach.  Seriously great fit.  And it works all the more by the fact that it is sort of blurred and unclear.  
Cover Relevance:  So relevant I can't.  I won't say much else because this is a book you don't want to spoil.  
Rating:  Yes, you are wonderful.

Colors:  The background sunset is really pretty...
Fonts:  I really, really dislike the title font.  It feels clunky and awkward.  But it's a "sporty" font so I guess it semi works.  
Images:  Ugh, classic, cheesy couple just sort of hanging out.  I do not like.  Although, it does have a football so that works.  
Cover Relevance:  It's relevant to the story with the couple and the football.
Rating:  Awkward and cheesy.

Welp, there we go folks!  Here are a few covers and what I think of them.  I'm considering doing this regularly so if you like the idea, let me know and tell me in the comments below!  

Are there any covers you'd like me to talk about next time?  What are your opinions on these covers?


  1. This is such a fun post. I for one always judge books by their covers. I won't like about it. I have skipped a plethora of books because the covers made the book look so boring. It really pays to get a good graphic/text design on a cover!

    1. It definitely does! It's our first impression of the book and if it's not interesting or captivating, I'm not going to pick it up!

  2. Promise I'll come back and write a really thoughtful post but it's moving day for me and I just wanted to let you know I nominated you for the Sunshine Award!

    1. Ah! Move in day is going to be so stressful! I hope you get everything settled quickly! I'm so excited for you :) Thank you for the nomination!

  3. I really enjoyed your cover analysis, Anna and the French Kiss looks so pretty! The We Were Liars one really matched the story so well. I don't like the All Lined Up one though because it looks so fake o.o

    1. Thank you! I agree completely. Anna and We Were Liars really fit but All Lined Up did not do the story justice.

  4. I LOVE this post! I am so, so guilty of this too. Especially with cheesy covers. I confess, I have steered clear of All Lined Up based on the cover cheese alone. I have no idea what the book is even about, the cover just... ugh. I also hate to admit, I do the same for "cheap" looking covers. Like if it looks like I could have made it myself on some free site, I am probably skipping over it. It may not be fair, but it IS our first impression of a book. I totally agree with your analysis of these though, I have been iffy about the Lux series in large part because of the covers. And We Were Liars totally nailed it!

    1. Cheesy covers are the worst! All Lined Up isn't my favorite Cora Carmack book but it is definitely better than its cover portrays. Cheap looking covers are another kind that get me. That's why I stayed away from Greta and the Goblin King for so long. I feel like the trends with covers have been improving a lot lately though!

  5. Totally agree with your cover verdicts. I'm really meh about that Lux cover too. Another series that comes to mind would be the Bloodlines series. The covers started out really pretty but when downhill, the one for Silver Shadows looks so awful. I definitely judge books based on cover even though I know it's terrible to do haha. I adhere more to that rule when it comes to other things though, like people. I try to never judge a person just based on appearance because I know I wouldn't like people doing that to me. Great post!

    1. I haven't read the Bloodlines series but I agree, I'm not a huge fan of those covers, either. Really, when a cover is mostly just a face, I tend to not like it much. And I try never to judge a person by appearance, either!

  6. I totally know what you mean about covers. I would never have picked up Anna, even after reading Lola and loving it, if the cover hadn't been changed. It's sad, but very true.
    I wouldn't have picked up one of my favorite books unless I read the ebook because I don't like the cover or formatting of the paperback... but damn, it's amazing.
    So yeah, it's a bit superficial but it's a book, not a person. It's a little different. A cover is supposed to be appealing and relate to the book. Otherwise, books would have no cover at all. It'd be a title, author, blurb, and BAM. You want to read it or not.
    I like covers better though. Some are just gorgeous.


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