Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Mini Review: Mortal Danger (DNF)

Title:  Mortal Danger
Series:  Immortal Game #1
Author:  Ann Aguirre (Website | Twitter)
Age Group:  Young Adult
Publication Date:  August 5, 2014 by Feiwel & Friends
Source:  A ARC was provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
Revenge is a dish best served cold.
Edie Kramer has a score to settle with the beautiful people at Blackbriar Academy. Their cruelty drove her to the brink of despair, and four months ago, she couldn't imagine being strong enough to face her senior year. But thanks to a Faustian compact with the enigmatic Kian, she has the power to make the bullies pay. She's not supposed to think about Kian once the deal is done, but devastating pain burns behind his unearthly beauty, and he's impossible to forget.
In one short summer, her entire life changes, and she sweeps through Blackbriar, prepped to take the beautiful people down from the inside. A whisper here, a look there, and suddenly... bad things are happening. It's a heady rush, seeing her tormentors get what they deserve, but things that seem too good to be true usually are, and soon, the pranks and payback turns from delicious to deadly. Edie is alone in a world teeming with secrets and fiends lurking in the shadows. In this murky morass of devil's bargains, she isn't sure who—or what--she can trust. Not even her own mind...
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My Mini Review:  Man, this is a serious bummer.  I was so looking forward to this book but it just didn't work at all for me.  It was not at all like how I thought it would be and, this time, that was for the worst.  

I had three big problems with this novel.  

1.  Insta Love
This is one of my biggest pet peeves in YA literature and this novel was hard core suffering from it.  Not only was Edie's love interest basically her stalker, he was in some shady business with really creepy people.  But, of course, she fell in love with him after three conversations.  I mean, it had nothing to do with his Adonis-like features at all.  

2.  The Plot was Boring
At least, up until the point that I read (which was 38% according to my phone).  Not much had happened.  Her revenge plan had barely even started, there was a lot of really confusing hints about these two rival companies that just frustrated me, and there was really no developments between Edie and Kian because, like I said, they were basically in love the moment they met.  

3.  Unrealistic Portrayals of Beauty and How it Affects Ones Mindset
Once Edie's appearance was changed for her revenge plot, every problem she had had suddenly disappeared.  Her extreme social anxiety?  Gone.  Problems with her parents?  Poof.  Lack of confidence?  Adios.  This just really angered me.  I think it's a terrible lesson to teach young adults.  Being beautiful does not solve all of your problems and that's what seemed to happen for Edie.

Over all, this novel just didn't sit well with me. 

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  1. There were so many WOW's with this book and almost every single review I've read has been negative. That really sucks but I'm sure it will work for someone, sorry it didn't work for you.

    1. I wish I had liked it! The blurb and cover made me so excited but yeah, it just didn't work. There were some good aspects so yeah, I'm sure someone will pick it up and really enjoy it!

      Thanks for stopping by!


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