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Review: Rules of Survival

Title:  Rules of Survival
Series:  None
Author:  Jus Accardo (Website | Twitter | Facebook)
Age Group:  New Adult
Publication Date:  June 2, 2014 by Entangled Embrace 
Source:  Bought
If you want to survive, you have to follow the rules…
Mikayla Morgan is wanted for her mother's murder. She's been on the run for almost a year now, avoiding not only the police but the real killer. Tired of running and desperate to clear her name, she breaks one of the most sacred rules: never return to the scene of the crime.
Every bounty hunter on the Eastern Seaboard is after the Morgan girl—but Shaun Denver and his partner snagged her. She's a piece of work, and Shaun can't decide if he wants to kiss her or kill her. When things take a sharp turn south, Shaun does the only thing he can think of to keep her close—he handcuffs them together.
As the danger mounts and the killer closes in, the chemistry between them threatens to explode. Shaun and Kayla will need to break all the rules if they hope to get out of this alive.
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My Review:  I was really excited to read this book.  I always hear amazing things about Jus Accardo and I have read some of her other books, such as Touch and Ruined, and really liked them!  However this book, while it had an interesting premise and lot of promise, fell a little flat for me.  

First of all, Kayla was a good heroine.  She was strong and witty and I liked the fact that she knew how to take care of herself.  However, there were moments when she just really annoyed me.  Particularly when she and Shaun were in life threatening situations and she would stop to admire how he looked.  Like, seriously girl.  There is someone with a gun coming for you and you're going to sit there and talk about how kissable his lips are?  

And then we have Shaun.  This guy had a lot of promise at first but for me, he turned out to be a cookie cutter of every single other new adult main male character out there except not as great.  He was sweet enough but he just bothered me all the time.  He kept on being super arrogant.  Like, at least once a chapter he said something totally cocky and then Kayla would said something along the lines of "Wow, you must crush people with that huge ego of yours".  I'm not even kidding.  This happened way too often.  Confidence is attractive in guys, both real and fictional but he just took it way too far.  And he was supposedly this really great bounty hunter but I just didn't see it.  He seemed kind of meh to me.  

The plot was okay but a lot of it felt repetitious.  It was like the same thing was happening over and over again.  That not to say it wasn't exciting!  There was tons of actions and lots of heart stopping moments.  The tension was high and it was entertaining seeing everything play out.  Some of the twists were super predictable but others completely shocked me.  

Rules of Survival was an okay book.  That's all I can really say.  Nothing stood out as amazing and it wasn't a book I can see myself going back to.  However, lots of other people have really enjoyed it so it's worth checking out and making your own opinion!

“I had an overwhelming urge to hit him-or kiss him. I wasn't sure which. With lips like those, a girl would have to be dead not to notice. Mortal danger or not”   

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  1. The same thing happened to me with Vivian Divine is Dead. There were murderers after them and yet she wanted to talk about how much she wanted to kiss him and how his hair was so great? REALLY? I actually bought this book as well because I got caught up in the hype and it was only .99cent so I thought what the heck. I'm sorry it was so disappointing.

    1. I really don't understand this trend! It's so frustrating because seriously no girl is going to be facing off with someone who wants to kill her and thinking about how attractive some dude looks. That's a bummer than Vivian Divine is Dead is the same way. I was thinking about getting it! Hopefully you like Rule of Survival better than I did!


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