Thursday, July 4, 2013

Reader's Rant: Insta Love

 I know, I know.  This topic is so overly talked about and discussed nowadays, especially in YA fiction but I figured I'd add my two cents to it, too.  

 Insta love is the bane of every reader's existence basically.  It not only can hinder character growth, but a lot of times it ruins a book all together.  It takes away a key element that is necessary for any successful novel - the development of the relationships between each character.  

Seeing the way these characters grow to like or love each other is a seriously important part of any book.  It adds more substance to the plot and gives us a better understanding of who each individual is.  If we don't understand and sympathize with the characters, it can make it difficult to really get into and enjoy a story.  Don't care about the characters?  Don't care about their story.  

Also, it's just straight up unrealistic.  No one sees someone and then instantly falls in love with them.  Sure, they can instantly be attracted to that person but love and attraction are two completely different things and they need to be treated like the same feeling.  Even if it's a fantasy novel, things need to have some aspect of realism so that we can connect with the characters.  Like I said before, if there's no connection between the readers and the characters, it's hard to care about their story.

Even worse is when the characters have an instant hate for each other and then two pages later are making out and professing their undying love.  This is not a replacement for a developed relationship.  This is also unrealistic and also just annoying.  Emotions like love and also hate are strong and powerful and they can take some time to develop.  There's no "insta" about it.  Come on now. 

What are your thought on instant love in novels?  What are some books you've read that have had this problem?  Leave comments below!  
   P.S. Happy 4th of July for those who celebrate! 

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  1. I hate instalove too! The writer points out they find each other attractive and bam, next thing they love each other.. Writers don't seem to understand that attraction and love are not the same, and that the last takes time.


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