Sunday, July 15, 2012

Physical Books vs. eReaders

Lately I've noticed more than a couple of discussions going on about physical books and ereaders: which is better?

I have a nook myself and, truthfully, I was a little wary of it at first.  I felt like I was turning my back on the print books I have grown to love so much.  I wouldn't be able to hold the physical book in my hand or feel the pages against my fingers. 

But still, I began to use it and I realized . . . eReaders are awesome. 

I mean, I have an entire book store at my finger tips.  I don't have to go drive to Barnes and Noble when I want to get another book.  I can just go shop on my nook and buy what I want! 

It's also a lot less expensive.  Rather than paying twenty dollars for a print copy book, I only pay $9.99.  Some books are even cheaper than that!  And for someone like me who doesn't have a job and it still in highschool, it's such a nice convience. 

And traveling.  It is so nice when traveling!  I have my entire library in one little device!  Rather than bring three to five books in my carry-on when flying (which I used to do), all I have to do is bring my nook. 

Still, I am a lover of print copies.  I will always love print copies.  There's something magical about holding an entire world in your hands.  Of feeling that book feel and smelling that book smell.  So, when I find a book that I've read on my nook that I'm absolutely in love and will cherish and take care of and read a million times over, I buy it for me to keep on my shelf. 

What do you prefer?  Books or eReaders? 

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  1. I'm the same. I got my Kobo for Christmas, but I still love my print books, particularly if it is a book that I will read over and over again.


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