Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My Top 5 Methods of Procrastination

It seems like the more things I have to do, the less I want to do them.  For example, right now I need to finish a current event, read two books, write reports on said books, add a couple hundred words to my WIP and finished two OTHER books to write reviews for.

Instead, I'm writing a blog post.  Not the worse thing I can do, I suppose.

Still, procrastination seems to have turned into a big factor of my everyday life, especially since starting high school.  I don't mean to procrastinate, it just always seem to happen.

Anyway, here is a list of my top five method of procrastination:
  1. Swimming.  I live in Southern California where it is almost always hot and I have a pool right in my backyard.  It's a constant temptation, especially when I'm avoiding other things.  
  2. Staring at my twitter feed.  This actually happens more often than I'm willing to admit.  Sometimes I wonder if it was such a good idea to get a twitter but then I remember all the amazing things I've learned and all the awesome people I've met.  Twitter is such a great method of communication and I'm so grateful I made one - even if it does distract me sometimes. 
  3. Playing video games.  I've gotten much to good at Wii Bowling and Call of Duty.  
  4. Taking my dogs for a walk.  This is my most popular method because I tell myself I'm actually working on my writing.  I'm "getting the creativity flowing".  Sometimes it works.  Most of the time I just come home sweaty and dirty from running after my dogs. 
  5. Checking facebook, my email, my blog, and watching youtube videos.  These all happen pretty frequently, too.  Since most of my "work" happens on the computer, it's all too easy to slip into hotmail or onto youtube.  And then suddenly I've watched 20 videos and wasted and hour and a half of my time. 
I know that procrastination can be stopped!  I just need to concentrate on what I have to do and think about how finishing my work will help me in the long run.  It's hard to do that though, especially when the other things I'm distracting myself with give me instant gratification.  

What are some of your methods of procrastination?  How much time do you spend procrastinating when you should be working?


  1. My biggest procrastination method is probably Twitter. Sometimes I refresh constantly, waiting for a Tweet to show up. :)

    1. Completely know what you mean :) The only time I'm not on twitter is when I'm sleeping!

  2. Procrastination gets me a lot too. Especially when I don't feel like working. I am horrible at motivating myself. Once I get going I'm fine. It's just that first push that's hard.


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